Split Sleeve full system (Deposit)



The split sleeve has been designed for use with boats with a winch and is suitable for many vessel configurations. The split sleeve can be unattached and reattached to be used when necessary.

The split sleeve is also created with 316 marine grade steel and is designed to be used over and over, and built to last. Included: Split Sleeve, coupling, 6x shackles, installation instruction leaflet.

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We have been working tirelessly to bring more Catch’n’Release anchor retrieval devices to the Australian and International public. As you can appreciate, the perfection and attention to detail in the product is not something that is achieved overnight! In the meantime, we are offering customers the chance to secure yours with a $50 deposit towards the cost of a full system. This ensures that when more stock is ready, you’ll have yours on its’ way as soon as new shipments are ready.



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