Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what others are saying

“You'd have to surgically remove me from this device for me to part with it, I love it.”


“It works really well!

I use it in deep water and it has already saved me an anchor in the short time that I've had it.”


“"It’s a terrific idea. Every boat should have something like this. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about losing my anchor."”

Brenton, G

“Some things sound too good to be true. But not in this case...

Even the deckies are happy.”

Simon (Weipa)

“It is a marvelous piece of equipment.”


“"It has never failed and I have never lost an anchor with it, money well spent. It is so easy to use, works every time and I love showing others that have not seen one."”

Roger, H

“"It has needed to be used a few times on our boat on trips, saving us time and frustration. And it worked just as easy as the demonstration at the boat show which was a huge relief the first time! It doesn't take up any extra space and it's always ready to go."”

Daniel, A

“"Saved me 2 stuck anchors!"”

Michael, J

“"It has been excellent and has taken the chore away from anchoring. Every boatie should have one."”

Kemwat Supplies, Townsville

“It was so easy and worked perfectly! I tell all my friends and can't wait to use it on my big fishing trip in April.”


“"It is an aussie invention that is easy to use and safer for the reefs and sea floor."”

Rob, T

“"It is a clever piece of gear that is well made and designed. Probably one of the best innovations in anchor retrieval that anyone has come up with in the last 100 years."”

Nigel, I

“It was easy to fit and workman ship is impressive. I like the simplistic design now with the new modifications fits my anchor run way."”

Dave, H