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Catch’n’Release debuts on Shark Tank Australia

Imagine our excitement when the day finally comes that our episode of Shark Tank is aired on National Television!

The outpour of kind words, encouragement and congratulations has truly been a humbling and amazing experience – and it was only a few hours ago!

Our Facebook page totally blew up with comments and messages of support and enquiries – it’s been a wild 24 hours!

We have had an incredible response on the website as well; loads of people have stopped by to check out more info on our products!

Many people have congratulated us on the sale of Catch’n’Release. We can confirm that we are still the proud owners of the business. While Dr Glen Richards from Shark Tank didn’t end up investing in our business, he has been a great support, and his door continues to be open to us.

Since Shark Tank, we have also appeared on Studio 10 demonstrating our product, have had countless phone interviews and have also been engaged by more television media.

Whilst we always knew the long road to getting the Catch’n’Release anchor retrieval device off the ground and onto more boats was more than worth it, the response from the public, the Sharks, Dr Glen, and the media has only compounded that knowledge.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your incredible support; Not only for Peter and myself as business owners, but the support for our environment and for having safer boats and boating families throughout Australia and the world.

A quick reminder before we go: The last two times we have had stock replenishment, we have sold out! Visit our shop to get your Catch’n’Release anchor retrieval device before we sell out again!

We’d love for you to stay in touch and come along on this journey with us. Please follow us on Facebook by clicking here, or Instagram here.

Happy (and safe!) boating,

Margaret and Peter Powell

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