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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about the device and your setup. So here’s a handful of the most frequently asked questions with answers! If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. Can the Catch’n’Release be used on any type of anchor? The Catch’n’Release can be used on most anchors. All that is required is that there is…

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How much do you know about the Great Barrier Reef?


This information is courtesy of our friends at Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the Great Barrier Reef: Fact: The Great Barrier Reef is a popular tourist destination with over two million visitors each year. Fact: Tourism to the reef generates approximately AU$5-6 billion per year. Fact: The Great Barrier Reef is a great holiday destination for…

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Look for us in Fishing SA Magazine!

    Catch’n’Release was recently featured in South Australia’s best fishing mag – Fishing SA Magazine! We also recently headed down the Adelaide Boat Show to say hello and introduce our product the Adelaide fishos. We’ve received an awesome response in South Australia and are excited to be featured in their favourite fishing magazine. This year was our first tie…

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Catch’n’Release was Featured on iFish


Just when we thought 2016 couldn’t get any better in the land of Catch’n’Release, we are featured on Australia’s favourite fishing program, iFish with Tackleworld. The always charismatic and energetic Paul Worsteling introduced our device as the “sort of invention that clever Australian’s come up with”. Cheers mate – we tend to agree! *winks* The major points covered by Paul…

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Mandurah Club Marine Boat Show

Catch’n’Release have just returned from W.A after an amazing boat show at Mandurah! Mandurah was our first show in W.A and what a reception we received! The people were awesome, the show itself was brilliant and the weather was… well, to be perfectly honest… cold and windy. But that didn’t deter the boaties from coming out to play and it…

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Winner! Tropical Innovation Awards

We are proud to announce that we have won the “TNQ Innovation Award” Category for 2012 at the Tropical Innovation Awards. After a 15 year process of development and refinement, it is gratifying to receive acknowledgment for the concept of the Catch’n’Release Anchor Release System especially as this category recognises concepts and innovations developed locally. Since that night we have…

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