Mandurah Club Marine Boat Show – Catch N Release
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Mandurah Club Marine Boat Show

By October 22, 2016 No Comments

Catch’n’Release have just returned from W.A after an amazing boat show at Mandurah!

Mandurah was our first show in W.A and what a reception we received! The people were awesome, the show itself was brilliant and the weather was… well, to be perfectly honest… cold and windy. But that didn’t deter the boaties from coming out to play and it certainly didn’t deter us.

There are a few highlights we can’t go past talking about as a result of the show. Firstly, the number of people who came to check us out simply because they caught our video on Facebook was phenomenal. Secondly, the number of people who approached us just to tell us how great they think the device is was incredible – thank you! Thirdly, we managed to catch the eye of Mr. Fishing himself, Paul Worsteling of iFish fame! We were then fortunate enough to demo the device with Paul (and a few consequential demo’s on the grass as a result!) from the main stage.

We were also lucky enough to meet the incredibly talented boys from Boating Downunder, Caulf and Shane. Caulf and Shane interviewed Margaret and filmed a couple of our demo’s which we will be sharing down the track!

We met a huge range of dedicated boaties, people with amazing ideas and businesses of their own and of course, colourful and passionate locals from Mandurah and Perth.

After the response we received at the Brisbane Boat Show in August, we weren’t sure another show could top it but Mandurah just managed it and as a result of both shows, we’ve almost sold out!

Thank you Mandurah, for a great response to our product and for backing it up by buying. Every Catch’n’Release device sold is another boat on the water having a safer day, reducing their impact on the environment and backing an Australian innovation in the process.

Catch us at South Australia next!

See you soon – Peter & Margaret


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